Playground Inspections

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Although there is no specific legal responsibility to provide inspection and maintenance programmes, such procedures are strongly recommended by all organisations involved in the monitoring and care of play and management of accidents. Playground managers have a legal and moral responsibility of care to children using the site and courts will always check if ‘all reasonable care' has been taken to protect those users.

The British and European safety standard BS EN1176 and the Health and Safety Executive strongly recommend that all play areas have at least one inspection every year from an independent suitably qualified body such as RoSPA.

In addition you may be required by insurance companies or other organisational policy to inspect quarterly or 6 monthly.  These inspections also need to be carried out by suitably qualified staff, (Register of Play Inspectors International​ RPII). Community Action Norfolk can provide these inspections if required.

Regular checks should be carried out by the manager or his/her staff and should be recorded on a simple sheet or book. These should be done at least weekly.

Community Action Norfolk provides regular training to help your staff carry out checks.  The training will take you through the relevant legislation, show you what is covered in an annual inspection and help you to identify common issues and problems.

For more information on training or for general advice on play equipment inspections please contact us.

Many groups ask about the cost of an annual inspection and costs vary depending on who is doing it and how large your play area is – as a guide, RoSPA fees in 2019 were:

  • The cost for Parish, Town and Community Councils is £68.50 + VAT.
  • The cost for Schools and Commercial organisations is £95.00 + VAT.
  • These costs are for up to 5 items of play equipment and £3.50 + VAT for each additional item.
  • RoSPA includes Risk Assessments with their inspections and will produce bespoke inspection checklists for an additional fee
  • Inspection dates are pre-set unless an additional fee is paid.

Other commercial providers are also available such as David Bracey Play Inspections www.playgroundinspections.weebly.com.

A list of UK playground equipment suppliers can be found here: Resources - Playground equipment suppliers

Additional information and advice sheets can be found here: http://www.rospa.com/play-safety/advice/

Please note play equipment includes skateboard/BMX parks, adventure playgrounds, outdoor gyms etc.