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General Advice

Finding the right funding is a challenge we all face.  Successful applications do not happen by accident and there are some useful steps you can follow

Many applications fail because groups complete the application without reading the guidelines first – make sure you are eligible and have answered all of the funders questions.
Evidence that your project is needed.  You will need the right data to make your case and you may have to do consultations to show that people really need this service or activity.
Be clear about the project or service you are offering. It is vital to explain in simple terms what you want to do.
Do your sums – a well thought out budget is important and needs to be realistic.
Know what you will achieve, for who and by when.

Community Action Norfolk can help you:

  • identify funding opportunities
  • decide what kind of funding you need
  • deliver consultations and surveys
  • to find and use the right data and information
  • develop your ideas into a complete project
  • find partners
  • find  similar projects /work locally and nationally


Getting the right funding is a key issue for groups and projects across the county.  Community Action Norfolk can help you to find, prepare and manage funding applications and projects of all sizes.  We have extensive experience of helping groups to access funding, access a range of tools and resources and can help you to find the right partners.  If you are looking for funding contact us for advice.

Additional information on some alternate sources of funding can be found  here: Alternative approaches to fundraising.

Additional information on applying to trusts and foundations can be found here: Applying to Trusts and Foundations for Funding