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A banking blackout for charities? Why a collective voice is important

Nationally it appears that tighter banking restrictions coupled with a sustained period of financial inactivity due to the pandemic has led to a change in banking practice in relation to charity banking services provided to VCSE groups and organisations. 

Job Vacancy at Leeway Domestic Abuse Services

Leeway Domestic Abuse Services are looking for a Senior Training Officer to join their team!

Job Vacancy at Voluntary Norfolk

Voluntary Norfolk are looking for a Strategic Engagement Manager to join their team!

Wellbeing in the VCSE Sector

In the ever-changing Voluntary, Community, and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector, ensuring the wellbeing of staff and employees has shifted from being merely important to becoming absolutely essential. 

Job Vacancies at YMCA Norfolk

YMCA Norfolk currently has several job openings.

Charities and social media

Do you understand how your legal duties are relevant to your charity’s use of social media? If not, then there are a number of things which you need to consider and put into place to ensure you stay within the law and minimise risk.

Stay Warm and Well this Winter

Are you winter-ready?  Check you have everything you need to look after your health to prevent common winter illnesses from developing into more serious health issues.

Big Community Switch is back again! Helping residents to see if they can save on energy bills.

Don't wait any longer to see if you can start saving on your energy bills. Join the Big Community Switch today and take control of your energy costs.

New bans and restrictions on polluting single-use plastics come into force

Through the actions of government, businesses and individuals, we are transitioning away from unnecessary plastics and improving sustainability across the public and private sectors. This shift from single-use items is vital as the Government continues its work to protect the environment for future generations.

Improving Broadband for very hard to reach premises

Good digital connectivity will play an important part in ensuring the most rural and remote communities in the UK, which have typically not been able to benefit from improvements to their broadband services, are not left behind.


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