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Leading VCSE Engagement in Norfolk

Community Action Norfolk is the leading organisation for engagement with the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector in Norfolk.

We work closely with VCSE organisations; Norfolk County Council and other partners to build the positive relationships needed to collaboratively develop strategy, policy and services.

For us, VCSE engagement is about gathering your ideas, issues and challenges and bringing them together with those of other VCSE organisations and stakeholders to create a positive dialogue, so we can collaboratively find ways to make Norfolk stronger and fairer.

Practical support for your organisation and community 

Practical support is one of the highest priorities for VCSE organisations. We aim to be the first port of call for those organisations needing support to achieve their goals from help finding funding and running an organisation, to engaging your community, and strategic planning.

Our approach has always been to provide a mixture of reactive support, where we respond to the needs you come to us with, and pro-active support, where we try and stimulate initiatives and activities within a community or organisation.

Working to ensure fair outcomes for all

It is a challenging time; reductions in public sector funding will continue to affect many with additional savings to be made. These savings risk hitting the most vulnerable in our communities the hardest or creating unfair discrepancies in the way people are treated.

The impacts of an ageing population and other changes in our communities are challenging the way services need to be provided. This creates the need to move towards more preventative and integrated services which offer the promise of being better for individuals and more cost effective for providers. However, across many themes and organisations in what is a large rural county, delivering on that promise is hard.

Our goal is to work to ensure fair outcomes for everyone regardless of where they live or who they are.


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Our Featured Services

Can Connect

This service can help individuals connect with people and activities in their commmunity as well as provide a range of support to help them achieve their goals.. Click for more

Funding Support

Funding is the key issue highlighted by groups. Community Action Norfolk offers a range of support to help you access the funding you need. Click for more


ThinkingWISP give you fast, local broadband – No landline required. As it’s wireless, you could benefit even if your current internet is slow because of where you live. Click for more


Thinking Fuel, is our oil buying scheme. With 3,000 members we save people on average £120 a year. Click for more


Join US! Support our work, help shape Community Action Norfolk and receive a wide range of benefits. Click for more

VCS Engage

VCSE engage is here support effective communication, representation, collaboration and involvement in the county council’s decision making by Norfolk’s voluntary, community and social enterprise sector.Click for more