Covid 19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Click here to read information on the status of Community Action Norfolk's Services. As well as links to other information and advice
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Community Action Norfolk's Services

Community Action Norfolk’s services are all runnning with appropriate measures in place to reduce the risk caused by Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 related queries and support requests should be emailed to [email protected].  Our Team is currently home-working carrying out our normal support services. If you have any general queries please contact [email protected].

Latest Lockdown Guidance 

We appreciate that the introduction the tiered system is likely to result in a series of updates.  We will post these here as they become available.  As always, if you are uncertain you can always contact our Development Team by emailing [email protected] 

Support for VCSE Organisations During Covid-19

It's an uncertain time for VCSE organisations and their teams.  We've gathered together the latest guidance and support schemes and will update them regularly.  To see more, please click the button.  

Mutual Aid Groups and Good Neighbour Schemes

Mutual Aid Groups played a huge role in the first lockdown, and many have become established as permanent groups. If you would like to know more about mutual aid groups in Norfolk, or are interested in establishing one, please click the button. Our Good Neighbour Schemes were a vital part of Norfolk's response to the pandemic and helped many of our communities. You can find more information about Good Neighbour Schemes in Norfolk and our support package for Schemes by clicking the button.

Reports and Case Studies

Reports into the impact of the pandemic on different communities and groups and case studies showing Norfolk's Covid-19 Story can be found by clicking the button.