Latest Lock Down Restrictions

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Updated: 23rd September 2021

This is part of our Covid-19 guidance. To view the main guidance page please click here. This page is being regularly updated however the situation continues to change and in all cases please defer to official government guidance. 

Government Guidance

On 22nd September the Government published its Autumn and Winter 2021 Covid Plan.  It comprises Plan A and Plan B (which will be enacted if further measures are required). 

  • Capacity limits have been lifted, but it is recommended that organisations think about the likelihood of having attendees who are CEV (Clinically extremely vulnerable) in attendance, and what measures there are in place to protect them.
  • Social Distancing is no longer required, but is still encouraged to protect those who are vulnerable.
  • Face Mask are not mandatory, but are encouraged in areas where there is poor ventilatin, crowds, or people who are CEV. 

This means that whilst the above restrictions have been lifted, government guidance will continue to be issued and will recommend that people make informed decisions and act carefully and proportionally to manage risk to themselves and others.  

Guides for specific organisations

The following guides are available for specific organisations:

Guides for Individuals

The following guides are available for individuals and those caring for them:

  • Guidance for those shielding and protecting those who, on medical grounds, are extremely vulnerable.  Please click here.  
  • Covid Vaccination Guidance for those pregnant, breastfeeding or planning a pregnancy.  Please click here
  • Self-Employment Income Support Scheme Grant.  Please click here
  • Covid Vaccination Myth-Busting Information Sheet.  Please click here.