Norfolk Good Neighbour Schemes

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Norfolk Good Neighbour Schemes

Good Neighbour Schemes are set up and run by local people to provide day-to-day support for other residents in their community who may need help on an occasional or regular basis.   
The schemes provide a social ‘safety net’ for their village or local area to offer vulnerable people regular support.  Volunteers can complete practical tasks (such as driving or shopping) and provide emotional support such as befriending.   
They do not offer specialist or personal care or play any role that should be left to a professional, qualified or formal support services.  Nor can scheme volunteers carry out tasks that are appropriate for suitably qualified tradespeople.

How CAN are able to help?  

Community Action Norfolk have been at the forefront of developing Good Neighbour Schemes for many years, however in recent times existing groups have been asking for more support from us as the schemes develop and needs change. 

To help address this issue we have developed the Norfolk Good Neighbour Network (NGNN) which is a co-ordinated group allowing schemes (and other community groups providing support and services in their local area who sign-up) to work together and have a larger voice in the VCSE sector, as well as getting: 

  • Assistance with accessing insurance or sign up to CAN Insurance for a Connect Group 
  • Centralised support for GDPR/Safeguarding queries 
  • DBS Checking service 
  • Professional handbook and toolkit for volunteers 
  • Training opportunities 
  • Support with promotion and marketing 
  • Centralised support for funding 
  • Links and networking with other Good Neighbour Schemes 

By offering support from the NGNN we hope this will take away some of the administrative burden and allow volunteers to concentrate on offering help and support to the community – which is what the scheme is all about! 

For up to date information regarding the Norfolk Good Neighbour Network, please visit our dedicated website www.norfolkgoodneighbours.org.uk 

If you want to find out more or to volunteer for one of these groups contact or Norfolk Good Neighbour Network Co-Ordinator via email - hello@norfolkgoodneighbours.org.uk