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Benefit from fast, local broadband at home and at work with ThinkingWISP.

ThinkingWISP connects homes and businesses to fast, reliable broadband through a network of masts. As it's wireless, you could benefit even if your current internet is slow because of where you live.

Using next generation technology a partnership of Community Action Norfolk, AF Affinity and InTouch Systems have come together to provide a practical solution to communities with slow broadband. We know that digital connectivity is a critical issue for our communities and is vital to both homes and businesses for everything from online purchasing to accessing to information and staying in touch.

The UK Government estimates that households save an £560 a year by shopping and using services online. Approximately 21% of all retail sales were online in 2014 . This combined with a ‘digital by default’ approach to public services means high quality broadband is a necessity but in many places the services available just aren’t good enough and that is why we created ThinkingWISP.

In its in fourth year ThinkingWISP now covers over 90% of Norfolk

Some key benefits of ThinkingWISP

  • No Landline required – save £120 a year
  • We guarantee our speeds to be a least 75% of those advertised even at peak times
  • High quality service, with locally based customer and technical support
  • Next generation technology, high speed broadband even if your current internet is slow because of where you live.

For more information visit www.thinkingwisp.co.uk or call 01603 558001