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Trustee Training

Our two hour Trustee training session provides Trustees of Norfolk organisations with a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

Charity Sector Election Manifesto

On 18th October 2023, The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) published a discussion paper which will present a range of ways the next government can work with charities to make a positive difference.  

What’s behind the Advent Calendar door? Donations!

Open the Advent windows from 1 – 24 December for daily chances to win £100 for your organisation, charity, or CIC. 

Our Wishlist

In alignment with our Pay it Forward campaign, we have created a wishlist encompassing several essential items that will significantly contribute to the upkeep of our office.

The Power of Appeal Letters

In the age of digital communication, the humble appeal letter stands as a timeless and powerful tool for charitable organisations seeking support from their local communities.

Pay it Forward - A story of kindness and generosity.

In a plea for assistance, reaching out for any support, whether it be in the form of free carpet cut-offs or any other kind of help, our call was answered by an extraordinary act of kindness. S&L Carpets, a local business founded by Lee and Simon stepped forward, offering their assistance, and affirmed that they would help in any way they can.

A banking blackout for charities? Why a collective voice is important

Nationally it appears that tighter banking restrictions coupled with a sustained period of financial inactivity due to the pandemic has led to a change in banking practice in relation to charity banking services provided to VCSE groups and organisations. 

Wellbeing in the VCSE Sector

In the ever-changing Voluntary, Community, and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector, ensuring the wellbeing of staff and employees has shifted from being merely important to becoming absolutely essential. 

Charities and social media

Do you understand how your legal duties are relevant to your charity’s use of social media? If not, then there are a number of things which you need to consider and put into place to ensure you stay within the law and minimise risk.

Stay Warm and Well this Winter

Are you winter-ready?  Check you have everything you need to look after your health to prevent common winter illnesses from developing into more serious health issues.


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