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Co-Production Week 2024 - Even though you don’t see it, it is happening.

This week (from the 1st to 5th July 2024) we are celebrating Co-Production Week!

Helping you understand the Water Scarcity Crisis

Keeping our water consumption at a sustainable level is crucial to ensure we have enough water to meet our basic needs now and in the future.

A Snapshot of CAN's Community Development Work in West Norfolk

We are fortunate to receive funding from the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk to support our work in the West. Over the past six months, our dedicated Community Development team have achieved significant milestones in supporting local organisations across West Norfolk

Small Charity Week 2024!

Small Charity Week (24th – 28th June) seeks to amplify, support and connect small charities across the UK, helping them to make new connections, showcase their considerable value and support them to have an even greater impact, despite the many challenges they face.

Shining a light on loneliness

Loneliness is something most people feel at some point. It can happen when we're alone in a busy place or even when we're by ourselves. It affects everyone, no matter who they are or where they live. But even though many people feel lonely, it's still hard for some to admit it or do something about it. 

Why Rural Equality is More Important Than Ever

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, rural communities are often left behind and with a majority of Norfolk's communities being rural, this is something that impacts our county directly.  Rural equality has never been more important, however it seems as though there is little momentum toward resolving the issues faced by rural communities.

Charity Guidance for General Election Campaigns

As the political landscape evolves, charities find themselves at the forefront of crucial discussions, advocating for their causes while upholding legal obligations and public trust. Here, we provide essential insights and resources to empower charity leaders in making informed decisions.

Norfolk's Climate Roadmap Unveiled: Advancing Towards a Greener Future

Norfolk's climate policy, which has been born from the successful environment policy which councillors agreed in 2019, was endorsed by Cabinet on 4 March.

Can we bank on the banks? Voluntary sector banking challenges survey

Since 2022, the Civil Society Group and partners have been working to improve bank account services for charities and voluntary organisations across the UK. 

Please complete the survey to help them understand the challenges the sector is facing so that they can advocate on your behalf to the respective charity regulators, government, and the banking sector. 

The deadline for completion is 12pm on Wednesday 15th May 2024.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cyber security; knowledge is power.

AI could make it easier for cyber criminals to increase the sophistication and success of their cyber threats, so it is vital that charities have a good understanding of cybersecurity fundamentals prior to widespread adoption of AI technology. 


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