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Norfolk's Climate Roadmap Unveiled: Advancing Towards a Greener Future

Norfolk's climate policy, which has been born from the successful environment policy which councillors agreed in 2019, was endorsed by Cabinet on 4 March.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cyber security; knowledge is power.

AI could make it easier for cyber criminals to increase the sophistication and success of their cyber threats, so it is vital that charities have a good understanding of cybersecurity fundamentals prior to widespread adoption of AI technology. 

Norfolk's 450 village halls encouraged to ‘go green!’

Rural community buildings across the county will be considering how they can save energy and work with groups in their community to contribute to Net Zero this week as part of Village Halls Week.

Winning The Rural Vote: The Imperative for Fair Funding.

Find out more about a campaign that seeks to address and correct the longstanding unequal resource allocation that has historically placed rural areas at a disadvantage.

New guidance for charities facing decisions about donations

The following information aims to help trustees make the best decision for their charity, by reminding them of the starting presumption under the law, whilst clarifying that other choices can be made so long as it is justified.

Only 1 in 6 rural councils have made use of key affordable housing option

Only a fraction of rural local planning authorities (17%) have made use of Rural Exception Sites, a mechanism introduced to boost the supply of affordable housing in rural areas, according to new research by University College London (UCL) on behalf of the Rural Housing Network.

Your voice, our future

Why Norfolk County Council's budget is so important to you and your charity.

Partner Spotlight: Anglian Water and Community Action Norfolk

In one of the driest regions in the UK where water conservation is paramount, CAN works closely with Anglian Water to deliver water saving ideas to the community of Norfolk. 

Read about our latest venture; A Community Gardening project!

“Taxi Tax” threatens rural healthcare access.

In a move that could disproportionately affect rural communities across the UK, the proposed 20% VAT hike on private hire and minicab journeys – colloquially termed the 'Taxi Tax' – is raising alarms about the accessibility of essential services, particularly healthcare.

Online selling apps to share more information with HMRC

Under new rules, platforms such as Vinted, Etsy and eBay will be required to share transaction details with tax authorities so that they can keep an eye on income that should be declared. It is part of a global effort to crack down on tax evasion.


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