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Your Charity Annual Return - Important Updates

There are some important updates from the Government relating to submitting your Charity’s annual return and how to set up a ‘My Charity Commission Account’.

‘My Charity Commission Account’ is a new way for trustees and charity contacts to access the Charity Commission’s online services. It can also be used by other people you have authorised, such as your accountant or lawyer.

Meet The Team! Meet Andrea, our Community Development Officer

A chance for you to meet the team and put faces to names.

VCSE organisations invited to have their say on the new County Deal for Norfolk

Community Action Norfolk are sharing this from Norfolk County Council, please contact them directly with any queries.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health Matters

For many of us wellbeing is about feeling good about ourselves, getting the most out of our lives and feeling connected to other people.

Sadly, the pressure we put on ourselves to achieve this can often result in us feeling unable to cope when things get tough and as a result, our physical health can also suffer.

Norfolk Small Charity Showcase 2023

The Norfolk Small Charities Showcase 2023 is the chance to show off many of the hidden secrets of Norfolk's voluntary and community sector in a high profile public event designed to support them in recruiting volunteers, finance and support, whilst raising awareness of what they do and how they help their local communities.

Meet The Team! Meet Caitlin, our Admin and Communications Officer

A chance for you to meet our Team, and put faces to names.

Feeling lonely - you are not alone, the extent of Social Isolation in Norfolk

The effects of social isolation and loneliness can be bad for your health.

The Social Isolation Team - A Story of Success

In a world where people live longer and individuals with complex needs from all walks of life become isolated due to circumstances beyond their control, it is more and more important that they have someone to turn to in their hour of need.

Fuel Poverty Awareness Day: 2nd December 2022

Friday 2 December is National Energy Action’s Fuel Poverty Awareness Day. 

Norfolk Warm Hubs and ACRE Update

Warm Hubs and ACRE Update

Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) and Utility Aid have provided an update after their village hall and community buildings survey regarding the energy crisis. The full report and guidance can be found here.

Some key energy advice for village halls includes:


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