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Book a free coaching call with a fundraising specialist and you could win £100 for your organisation!

Funds raised through easyfundraising are helping good causes like yours fund projects, maintain facilities, pay for running costs, and more. As unrestricted funding, you can spend the funds on what you need most.

Online selling apps to share more information with HMRC

Under new rules, platforms such as Vinted, Etsy and eBay will be required to share transaction details with tax authorities so that they can keep an eye on income that should be declared. It is part of a global effort to crack down on tax evasion.

Get involved; help campaign for a fairer deal for Norfolk’s rural communities.

The Rural Services Network have encouraged local authorities to talk to their MPs about their current financial situation and the decades of unfair funding for rural councils and we are now encouraging you to do so too!

Government legislates to preserve EU-based discrimination law – what does this mean for employers?

The government has shared early plans to update the Equality Act 2010 to keep intact the discrimination protections we have enjoyed from EU law even after Brexit.

How do you feel about Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

In an ever-changing world dominated by technological advancements, the question we are asking is whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a place in charities. 

The Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill became law from 26 October 2023

New laws came into force on 26th  October 2023 to speed up the planning system, hold developers to account, cut bureaucracy, and encourage more councils to put in place plans to enable the building of new homes.

Travel companies offering unrestricted funding

With many people booking holidays in January and February, Easyfundraising is an easy way for them to help you fund running costs, services, projects, and more.

Do you feel part of an Inclusive Society?

We need to ensure that every individual feels seen, heard and valued. This involves not only acknowledging and appreciating cultural differences but actively seeking to understand and learn from them.

Safeguarding Training

This two hour session provides an opportunity for organisations to learn about the basics of safeguarding.

Access to the Charity Commission’s online services has changed

From 31st July 2023 every user will need to set up their own ‘My Charity Commission Account’ using an individual email address and password.


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