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Your chance to win £1000 unrestricted funding for your organisation

Easyfundraising and Tesco have partnered up and will give £1000 funding pots to 5 community organisations this October. 

Platinum Jubilee Vilage Halls Fund: a story of success part 2.

Sometimes it is important to remind ourselves of what we do well and success is a great way of celebrating who we are, and demonstrating how our knowledge can help you achieve your goals. Funding applications can be both timely and complicated but these stories prove that with the right help, you are more likely to achieve a positive outcome.

Platinum Jubilee Village Halls Fund; a story of success part 1. 

In May 2022, Defra announced a £3 million Platinum Jubilee Village Halls Fund, to mark Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. Applications were invited from halls looking to modernise and improve facilities and after completing a successful Stage 1 application, Community Action Norfolk contacted all Norfolk applicants to offer them help and advice to compose their bids before they completed their Stage 2 application. Read below how we helped Wretham Village Hall and how we can help you.

Unrestricted funding for your organisation

As we approach the peak shopping season, especially when times are difficult and asking for financial donations is hard, registering with easyfundraising will allow your community to keep supporting your organisation in a simple and cost-free way

Increase your chances of finding funding for your organisation

Funding is crucial in enabling your organization to deliver its services and finding the right funding is key to success.

Here are some top tips to get you started. 

Captain Tom: lessons learned!

Capt. Sir Tom who won the hearts of the country - and later a knighthood from the Queen - walking laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS. The extraordinary fundraising achievement was well documented and his determination to walk 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday transformed him into a defining figure of England's first national lockdown, making headlines and inspiring people from around the world to donate.

Sadly, in recent weeks, the charity has come under scrutiny as it has been alleged that the daughter of Capt. Sir Tom Moore was paid thousands of pounds via her family company for appearances in connection with her late father's charity.

Managing financial difficulties in your charity arising from cost-of-living pressures.

Like many of you, we receive many updates regarding the state of the voluntary sector.  In recent months there has been a rise in reports of failing charities, with at least one article predicting a loss of 40% of the sector in the next two years! 

A quick and easy way to earn unrestricted funding!

Did you know that one of the easiest ways to earn unrestricted funding is through food shopping?

“Martyn’s Law”: The Draft Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill and Community Buildings

We have been receiving a lot of queries from charities and Parish Councils with community buildings and spaces with a capacity of over 100, as they are concerned about the potential impact of Martyn's Law.  Here, we explain a little bit about what it is, what the potential impacts are and what is happening with it. 

Transport East Strategy Hub

Share your insight on rural mobility through the new Transport East Strategy Hub.


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