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Local charity echoes national calls on next government not to leave rural communities behind

Community Action Norfolk is urging candidates standing in the general election across Norfolk not to forget the needs and circumstances of people living and working in the countryside. 

King’s Lynn Town Deal Board Chair to Hand Over the Baton

The Chair of the King’s Lynn Town Deal Board, Graham Purkins, is standing down after four years at the helm, providing an opportunity for someone else to take up the role.

Our Wishlist

In alignment with our Pay it Forward campaign, we have created a wishlist encompassing several essential items that will significantly contribute to the upkeep of our office.

The Power of Appeal Letters

In the age of digital communication, the humble appeal letter stands as a timeless and powerful tool for charitable organisations seeking support from their local communities.

Pay it Forward - A story of kindness and generosity.

In a plea for assistance, reaching out for any support, whether it be in the form of free carpet cut-offs or any other kind of help, our call was answered by an extraordinary act of kindness. S&L Carpets, a local business founded by Lee and Simon stepped forward, offering their assistance, and affirmed that they would help in any way they can.

Celebrating Día de Muertos

We have all lost someone, or at some point, we will.  These losses bring with them pain and grief, however, there are some cultures that manage to find joy and beauty amidst the loss and pain.

Beat your Bills….new dates added!

Looking for ways to save money? Then our Beat your Bills roadshows are the place to be.

Norfolk Warm Homes - reducing energy costs for homeowners and landlords

All Norfolk’s local authorities – county and district - are working in partnership to deliver heating and insulation grants to the county’s residents.

NHS Complaints Advocacy – resolving concerns about medical treatment

The NHS deals with around 1 million patients every 36 hours and, very occasionally and rarely, something goes wrong and needs resolving.

'Love Every Drop' - reducing water usage to protect out futures

Anglian Water is asking us all to use less water – and for very good reasons. All of us, as consumers, can play our part.


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