Take the Shorter Shower Challenge with Anglian Water

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CAN is helping promote Anglian Water’s ‘Love Every Drop’ campaign, aimed at encouraging us to cut back on our use of water in our homes. You can read more about that here.

Anglian Water serves the driest region of the UK.  The weather is increasingly unpredictable year by year, so it’s ever more important that we all try to save and conserve water when and where we can. Domestic consumers use about 136 litres of clean water a day – to maintain good supply for the future we need to reduce that to 128 litres within the next five years.

The campaign is focussing  on the greater Norwich area for now, and concentrating on the use of showers.  Showers use an awful lot of water – more than many of us realise. And we need to look to the future when there will be more people living in our communities, and less rainfall to supply our water.  

Did you know that, on average, showers account for at least 30% of your daily household water usage? Maybe more – depends how long you or your family members stand under the shower head! A 10-minute shower uses about 80 litres. If you have a power shower it can use twice as much more water than a full bath.  A shorter shower can help you be an all-round saver - saving water, energy, and money. Cut your shower time by 1 minute and you could save up to £120 a year (a four-person household, based on figures from the Energy Saving Trust report  ‘At Home with Water’ -  July 2013) 

The Shorter Shower Challenge 

So we’re inviting you take up the shorter shower challenge today. Find out more here and sign up to receive your Water Saving Home Kit - a box of water saving tools that includes a shower timer to help you get that shower time down while still enjoying a refreshing wash. Once you’ve started saving water in the shower, you can try the other water saving suggestions and tools included in the pack. 

Here’s what’s in the pack  

A shower timer 

Why not challenge the family to see who can have the shortest shower? 

Water efficient tap inserts 

These increase water efficiency – with a flow rate of 5 litres per minute, compared to a standard 10 litre per minute flow rate. They’re fully aerated too, which means limiting splashing, reducing the velocity of stream and containing anti-limescale materials approved to BS6920 standard.  And they are easy to fit – a special tool is provided and uses the original housing to retain the design and aesthetics of the tap.  And here’s a video that shows you how to fit them.  

The message is that our winters are becoming drier, whilst summers are becoming hotter. And demand is increasing anyway as the number of households increases, so it’s important to ‘Love Every Drop’ and save water where we can.  If everyone makes small changes at home or work, together we can all make a real difference.  We are all in this together.