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New Service for those Caring for Someone with a Terminal Illness (Central and Norwich)

The Marie Curie Helper Service matches volunteers to families or individuals to provide those who are terminally ill or their carers, with support.  

The Friends of the Elderly - Support for older people

The Friends of the Elderly provide financial support to those most in need through their grant giving service, in order to help prevent many older people having to choice between heating their homes and other essentials.

Tackling Fuel Poverty

Fuel poverty affects more than 4.5 million households in UK and more than 25,000 households in Norfolk.  It can be caused by numerous factors: low income, poor heating and insulation and unaffordable energy prices. It can severely impact on health and wellbeing and  contributes to excess winter deaths and rising NHS costs.



The Norfolk Community Directory

The Norfolk Community Directory contains activities, services and events to help all Norfolk residents live healthy, active and fulfilling lives.

Transport in the community

Community transport plays an important part in tackling social isolation, maintaining well-being and enabling people to access health services.

Managing Your Resources

Assets come in many guises, land, buildings, people, skills, income.  At Community Action Norfolk we understand how important your assets are and the need to get the most from them. 

NHS Health Advocacy

If you are unhappy with the service you have received from the NHS, the NHS Complaints Advocacy Service can help. The complaints process is a way of helping you resolve issues you have faced, and is also important in helping us improve the NHS care in Norfolk. 

Partnership and Mediation

Working with other groups and organisations can bring huge benefits to all involved. The development and management of these relationships can also sometimes bring its own challenges! Community Action Norfolk can work through these alongside you. 

Peer Support Network

Community Action Norfolk runs a Peer Support Network to help community groups across Norfolk. 

Playground Inspections

Community Action Norfolk provides regular training to help you carry out regular checks.  The training will take you through the relevant legislation, show you what is covered in an annual inspection and help you to identify common issues and problems.


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