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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an important tool to help improve your effectiveness as an organisation. It can be particularly useful at times of uncertainty and change, whether internal or external. We can help you develop yours.

Operational Support

We can help you get the nuts and bolts of your operations working well as well as making sure you are operating safely and legally.

Training and Development

Community Action Norfolk offer a range of training and support packages to suit the diverse organisations in Norfolk’s voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector.  

Relief Charity Housing

The Relief Charity Housing Project seeks to support charities with land assets looking at housing development, community use, land swap or Community Land Trusts (CLTs).

Project Development

Project development is a critical step in turning your ideas into reality. Community Action Norfolk can you help succeed in your goals and avoid some of the pitfalls along the way.


Good governance is vital.  It comes from having a structure that lets you make effective decisions, in an organised and accountable way and positively influences how you are perceived by others.


Funding is the key issue highlighted by groups.  Community Action Norfolk offers a range of support to help you access the funding you need.

Consultation and Engagement

Effective consultation and engagement can help make sure your organisation, project or plan will meet the needs of those you are aiming to help. Community Action Norfolk offers bespoke consultation support and advice.

Preserving Place

Understanding local history and heritage is, and always has been, important to communities. The aim of Preserving Place is to investigate how community groups undertake heritage research – and help them do just that.


Meeting Rooms and Facilities

Community Action Norfolk is pleased to offer the ideal venue for your event with flexible options to accommodate a wide range of meetings, training sessions, workshops or conferences.


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