Sometimes we could all do with a bit of support to help make life click: CANConnect in North Norfolk

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What links a horse sanctuary, walking footballers, Men’s Sheds, a garden in a churchyard and a bunch of crafty people? They’re all helping people and communities in North Norfolk connect with each other, courtesy of CANConnect. 

What does CANConnect do? 

Our CANConnect initiative works with partner agencies across the North Norfolk district of Norfolk and Waveney CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) to help connect people with activities in their locality, as well as providing individuals with one-to-one support in identifying and achieving their personal goals. CANConnect also provides support for the community itself, helping organisations and people make the places where we live stronger, friendlier, and more resilient.  

Community grants 

CANConnect offers grants of up to £1,000 in support of new and existing community groups across North Norfolk. Sheringham Men’s Shed, North Norfolk Writers’ Group, the community garden scheme at St Mary’s Church, Roughton, Aylsham Boxing Club and the Craftfulness group at Erpingham have all benefited from grants enabling them to find and hire premises, buy resources, and run and promote events. Social events are happening at Redwings Horse Sanctuary at Aylsham. Earlier this year, and not far down the road, Walking Football matches have proved very popular with participants and spectators alike. 

Bouncing back from Covid-19 

Covid-19 has of course precluded many social events from taking place for the past few months. But Aylsham’s Walking Football has kicked back from lockdown and is happening every Friday at 10.00am at Youngs Park, Woodgate Way, Cawston Road, Aylsham, NR11 6UJ. The invitation is to come along and give it a go, or just watch from the touchline! You can see more at their Facebook page

Likewise, the Erpingham Craftfulness Group is back in action. It meets at the Spread Eagle pub in Erpingham on the first Thursday in the month between 10 and 12pm.It’s a friendly ‘do’ and everyone is welcome to bring their own project to work on or just roll up for a cuppa and a chat.  

And North Norfolk Writers’ Group is pleased to announce a new website here. You can read more about their work here and on Facebook.    

Social distancing applies at all events and occasions of course and we ask that visitors and participants take personal responsibility for following these when present. Please bring a face mask to wear as appropriate. 

Combatting social isolation and loneliness across the county

CAN’s growing network of Good Neighbour Schemes provides essential points of contact for isolated and vulnerable people of all age groups in communities across Norfolk. And our Operation No Cold Shoulder project combats social isolation in key locations in other areas of the county.   

CANConnect welcomes community projects across North Norfolk for consideration for grants. If you would like to find out more or apply for a grant please get in contact via the email link at www.canconnect.org.uk or by phoning 01362 698216 (please note that you can leave a voicemail as the office is not always staffed for the duration). Or email  [email protected]