Social Prescribing in Norfolk

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As part of this, two years-worth of funding to deliver a Norfolk wide Social Prescribing service has been allocated by Norfolk County Council from the Improved Better Care Fund and Public Health, totalling £950K per year. Principles for the development of Social Prescribing across Norfolk are:

  • Delivered at scale, accessible to patients from all GP practices across Norfolk.
  • Able to take referrals from Norfolk County Council.
  • Work with voluntary sector and district councils, acknowledging their expertise in this area.
  • One approach to evaluation built in from the start.
  • Asset based – utilising existing resources, including those from Local Authorities and existing community groups and voluntary sector.
  • Build on the existing learning and enthusiasm from current projects.
  • Acceptable and trustworthy to clients/patients and referrers.

Social Prescribing is being developed on a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) locality basis across Norfolk. This is designed to enable delivery to be tailored to local needs and build on local assets. Local delivery models will still be part of a countywide programme with a shared evaluation process.