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Funding: Mercers Company and Philanthropy “Live” Grants - No deadlines

Grants of £20,000 - £50,000 for up to two years are available for not-for-profit organisations including faith groups

Funding: Bernard Sunley - No deadline

Grants are available to registered charities whose work improves the quality of life of the disadvantaged, elderly or young.  The grants are for one-off capital projects and are allocated in the following categories:

Funding: Pilgrim Trust - No deadline

Grants are available to charities (and local authorities, when the projects supported are outside of their statutory work)

Funding: Garfield Weston Foundation - No deadline

The Garfield Weston Foundation offer grants to charitable organisations for a broad range of work. 

Funding: Rayne Foundation - No Deadline

Grants are available to charitable organisations who help vulnerable and disadvantaged people

Funding: Jill Franklin Trust - No deadline

Grants are usually £1,000, except church restoration which is usually £500. 

Funding: LIFT Programme - Various deadlines

WANTED:  Organisations who have project ideas for:

supporting people in rural areas to move into, or closer to work
supporting rural businesses to offer work trials or to train and upskill their workers

Resource: Funding for Individuals - The Ogilvie Charities

The following grants are available through the Ogilvie Charities

Resource: Funding for Individuals - Elizabeth Finn Fund for People in Financial Need

Grants are awarded to those in financial difficulty who have a professional background, or a partner who has had a professional background. 

Be part of delivering Social Prescribing - West Norfolk and Breckland District Council areas

Community Action Norfolk are seeking to appoint VCSE providers to deliver Social Prescribing in the West Norfolk and Breckland areas  


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