Volunteers Week article: Recruiting volunteers

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Volunteers Week runs from Thurs 1st to Weds 7th June.  To support and celebrate organisations who work with volunteers we will be sharing an article for each day of the event.

Recruiting volunteers

Recruiting volunteers is often a constant project for many organisations.  Yesterday, we talked about why people volunteer, have a think about how this fits into your organisation. 

You need a clear vision of what you’re planning to do. Is it a specific short term project or an on-going cause?  Break functions down into manageable roles – you don’t want to put people off.    Explain what roles might be on offer. Are specialised skills needed – website design, public relations, event support, distributing leaflets, catering? 

Where possible, roles should be socially inclusive of all ages, ethnic and social backgrounds, disabled and the socially isolated in the community. There may be special skills out there that remain untapped!

Word of mouth is a good recruiting medium, as are user groups, advertising, events, social media and local press and radio. Most people won’t simply respond to a poster on the notice board. At community level you have an advantage – you know where they live! Get out there, knock on doors, talk to your community and ask them directly to help with specific tasks.

Our factsheet, Recruiting Volunteers, should give you some good tips to get started.


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