Volunteers Week article: Keeping volunteers - Tips and Advice

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Volunteers Week runs from Thurs 1st to Weds 7th June.  To support and celebrate organisations who work with volunteers we will be sharing an article for each day of the event.

Keeping volunteers

How do you keep volunteers enthusiastic? How can you make them feel part of your organisation? Investing in Volunteers is the UK quality standard for good practice in volunteer management.  Here are a couple of tips for keeping volunteers:

  • Thank volunteers.  Everybody likes to know what they are doing is appreciated.  You don’t have to make a big fuss – in fact some volunteers would rather you didn’t – but saying thank you, or showing your appreciation can go a long way to keeping a volunteer happy within your organisation.  See our factsheet Thanking Volunteers for more details.
  • Involve them, and ask their opinions on internal developments. Feeling part of the organisation is important, and seeing that their opinion is valued along with paid staff, management and the people your organisation helps shows volunteers that you do value them.
  • Where good support and supervision procedures are in place, problems can be solved without prolonging the difficulty. For example, a volunteer may bring a complaint about a member of staff, or vice-versa, or a client may complain about a volunteer. Volunteers need to feel complaints are handled with sensitivity, that they receive a fair hearing and that the complaints/grievance procedure of the organisation will be rigorously followed.  Our factsheet Supervising and Support Volunteers gives more details. 


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