Norfolk County Council and the Community Right to Challenge

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Community right to challenge


Under the Localism Act 2011, Relevant Bodies are able to submit expressions of interest to the Council to deliver public services under the Community Right to Challenge scheme. 

Further details of the scope of the scheme can be found at http://www.communities.gov.uk/documents/localgovernment/pdf/2168126.pdf

Who can apply?

In summary: Only “Relevant Bodies” are able to submit expressions of interest to deliver a service under these provisions. These are:

  • A voluntary or community body;
  • A body of persons or a trust which is established for charitable purposes only;
  • A parish council;
  • Two or more employees of the relevant authority; or
  • Any other person or body specified by the Secretary of State by regulations.

What services are covered?

The expression of interest must relate to “Relevant Services”. Relevant Services are defined as:

  • services provided by or on behalf of a relevant authority in the exercise of its functions in relation to England, but not
  • a service commissioned or provided by a relevant authority in respect of a named person with complex individual health or social care needs, or
  • a service which is commissioned and managed by individuals or their representatives using direct payments.

How do I apply?

The Council will consider any expression of interest received that falls within the parameters of the scheme. Any expression of interest must contain the following information:

  • Information about the relevant service sufficient to identify it and the geographical area to which the expression of interest relates.
  • Evidence that demonstrates that by the time of any procurement exercise the relevant body submitting the expression of interest will be capable of providing or assisting in providing the relevant service.
  • Information about the financial resources available to the body submitting the expression of interest.
  • Information about the outcomes to be achieved by the relevant body or, where appropriate, the consortium of which it is a part, in providing or assisting in the provision of the relevant service, in particular: How the provision or assistance will promote or improve the social, economic or environmental well-being of the relevant authority’s area; and how it will meet the needs of the users of the relevant service.

Where the relevant body consists of employees of the relevant authority, details of how that relevant body proposes to engage other employees of the relevant authority who are affected by the expression of interest.

Relevant bodies contemplating submitting an expression of interest are strongly encouraged to contact the council informally to discuss their proposed application before putting a great deal of work into the process. Initially, contact should be via sourcing@norfolk.gov.uk in an email headed “Community Right to Challenge”.

Upon receipt of a valid Expression of Interest, the Council will notify a Relevant Body of its decision within 90 days of receipt.

Expressions of Interest should be sent to sourcing@norfolk.gov.uk clearly headed “Community Right to Challenge”.

What happens if my expression of interest is accepted?

If an expression of interest is accepted, this does not mean that the service will be transferred to the Relevant Body concerned.  Instead it will lead to a procurement process to enable the Relevant Body, amongst others, to bid for delivery of the services.

The nature of the procurement exercise will depend on the scale and complexity of the service in question