5 top tips for successful funding bids

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  • Understand your legal structure. It’s not unknown for an organisation to not be running compliantly because (a) the decision-makers are not trustees (b) the trustees have abdicated authority to custodian trustees or (c) trustees don’t understand that they have authority.   Funders are unlikely to give money to people who don’t understand their responsibilities!
  • Consult your service users.  Do the proposed changes reflect what they want? Is there any evidence that the changes will generate more income?
  • Consider the impact on your ability to provide a service. Will, for example, roof repairs obstruct indoor activities for any length of time?
  • Read the application guidance notes and footnotes for every question. They are there to help and can often offer an informative ‘steer’. 
  • Know your costings. You’ll need to have a figure in mind based on solid evidence, with comparative quotes, along with detail of what is itemised or prioritised within similar quotes.

And ask us at CAN for advice and guidance! We're here to help - our community development officers are highy experienced in guiding trustees through the funding process.