Community Action Norfolk Dashboard

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This dashboard provides live information from Community Action Norfolk’s databases on our performance, the same information we use as part of our own internal performance management framework. Making this information available on our website is part of our commitment to not only deliver the highest quality services we can but also to be open and transparent in our activities.

Community Action Norfolk operates a balanced scorecard approach at the core of our performance management framework. Two core aspects of this are delivery quality and quantity.

Delivery Quantity

The key indicators used by the Board to monitor delivery quantity are the number of organisations we support and the number of community support cases we undertake. This is shown below:

This is live data from our database, however it will often show a lag as a result of data entry time. Organisations supported and cases are based on community support cases opened within the financial year. There are always a number of cases that span between financial years and work to support community groups outside direct community support cases (for example training events, self-service materials). These figures will therefore likely demonstrate an underestimate.

Delivery Quality

The key indicators we use for delivery quality are drawn from our user feedback surveys. Feedback request emails are sent out to all community support clients for whom we have a valid email contact. These are currently sent out in batches on a monthly basis. Results are shown cumulatively.

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Monitoring Delivery

To monitor ongoing projects or service delivery strands we report to the Board using a traffic light system, the current ratings for live projects from our database is shown below. This includes both internal and external workstreams. The joy and frustration of working with communities is that often things don’t go to plan or turn out as expected, however we manage both progress and risk to focus on achieving key outcomes for communities, safeguard the organisation and meet our obligations.

Live projects are rated using a red, amber, green (RAG) system.

  • Green - indicates the project is proceeding as planned.
  • Amber - indicates there are some minor issues or problems but action is being taken by those involved in delivering the project to address these.
  • Red - indicates there are serious problems with the project and these have been escalated within the organisation to resolve.