Social Enterprise

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We believe that social enterprises have an increasingly important contribution to make to our communities. We can provide you with support to make that increased contribution a reality.

Social Enterprise, whilst it is not a universal solution, offers important new ways of overcoming the challenges we face in our communities alongside this it provides a welcome disruption to tradition models of delivery that will help us all improve.  

Often we find there is a misunderstanding between legal structures and the business model. For us social enterprise is fundamentally a business model; taking an enterprise based approach to deliver a social benefit through one or a mixture of ways; directly through the product or service that is traded, through those involved in its deliver (as with many who use work as a model to develop the skills and confidence of beneficiaries) or through how the income is used. 
Although sometimes a specific legal structures will be the best way to do that, we think it's the approach, combined with a primarily social motivation that is most important.

We have worked with a wide range of community and social enterprises from community shops and village halls to on-line advice providers and skills development organisations.

As a social enterprise we can help you with a range of practical support including:

  • Identifying Needs – Helping you to engage with your community effectively as well as using data to understand their needs.
  • Operations - Support you to run your day to day activities well by helping you to develop the systems, processes and policies that mean your organisation operates efficiently, safely and legally.
  • Governance - Helping you to manage your organisation well, understand its legal purpose, structure and rules enabling you to make decisions effectively
  • Planning and Project Development - Support for you to plan effectively, so you can budget and schedule projects, identify the best options for delivery and relate these to the needs of your community
  • Funding and Resources – Help you to access the income you need and use this efficiently, maximising the use of your assets and minimising your expenditure
  • Skills and Knowledge – Support the people involved in your organisation understand their roles and develop the skills and knowledge they need through training and support.
  • Engagement – Help you to involve the people you need either as volunteers or participants in your organisation's services and activities.
  • Partnership – Support you to develop relationships with other organisations to enable co-operation and effective partnerships.
  • Strategic Planning – Help you develop your vision for the future and know where you want to get your organisation to.

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