Funders & Grant Providers

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We work directly with funders, commissioners and grant providers to help maximise the benefits to communities, charities and organisations in Norfolk.

We offer a range of services and support offering benefits to funders and funded alike.

  • Promotion of opportunities to more than 5000 organisations and community contacts across Norfolk
  • Help you understand community and charity needs through consultation and data gathering from communities and organisations across Norfolk and through our National umbrella organisations.  This can help tailor funding opportunities and maximise the outcomes you are looking to achieve.
  • Programme design and evaluation.
  • Supporting funding panels ensuring good local knowledge and real understanding of local issues.
  • Managing the distribution of grants.
  • Directly supporting charities to develop their assets and effectiveness through our Fuel Relief Support Project and other programmes.

In addition we offer opportunities for communities and charities to better understand the funders needs and improve applications by:

  • Providing advice and support to applicants including advice on writing good applications ensuring a better fit with funders aims.
  • Delivery of training at all levels.
  • Delivery of funding fairs and other promotion opportunities