New Energy Price Crisis Survey Announced

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Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) have created a survey with Utility Aid about how the energy crisis is affecting village halls and what can be done.

The recent price increase in energy remains an issue for individuals and their homes, but it is also a concern for village halls and charity premises who provide vital services to people across the country. ACRE have recently joined in on this conversation, and have voiced their concerns on how sharp price increases in energy will impact the operation of village halls. 

This concern is even more worrisome in rural areas of Norfolk and across the country as often isolated communites are reliant on village halls and charity premises for socialisation through activities, meetings and events. If these community buildings were to close or reduce their operations, it could remove vital services and increase feelings of loneliness.

Richard Quallington. Executive Director of ACRE has said:

“It’s important we understand how village halls are weathering the fuel crisis and what can be done to make sure the services they offer to rural communities are not jeopardised”

The survey is a nationwide approach to give ACRE insight into how they can better understand the experiences, concerns and views to make sure village halls do not run into financial difficulties and save energy going forward. As the ACRE member for Norfolk, Community Action Norfolk are keen to share this information with you, along with the oppurtunity to share your experiences as a Norfolk based village hall. 

You can complete the survey using the link here and submissions are open until midnight on Friday 19 August. For any queries about the survey please contact Phillip Vincent (ACRE) here.

Here at Community Action Norfolk we have also created our own campaign on the energy price crisis.

The main goals of our campaign are:

  • To open the discussion around a charity tariff with energy providers. The current system where charities and Village Halls are regulated by the same terms as businesses is unsustainable.
  • We wish to ensure that more is done to protect charity properties from closure as their services are vital for the community.

Get Involved

We have published several articles, documents and case studies as part of this campaign already:
You can find out more information on our article here, an open letter that have published here, and our case study from Three Holes Village Hall and Playing Field can be found here.
For any more information, or to share your own experiences or concerns, please email Emily Robertson (CAN) here.