Energy prices and charities

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Community Action Norfolk are becoming more concerned with the energy price rise and the impact it is having on not only individuals, but on charities and village halls. That is why we are launching a campaign to raise awareness of the issue and to advocate for change.  

So – what is the issue? 

Village halls and charity premises in rural Norfolk provide vital spaces for activities, meetings, and support.  Not only through the village halls themselves, but through the organisations that hire out the premises to reach the communities that need them the most.  Halls provide areas to hold a variety of events and activities, which help to decrease the effects of loneliness through rurality and limited access to services. 

To hear how other charities and charity premises in Norfolk have been affected, see the case studies at the bottom of this article. 

What are we going to do about it? 

Community Action Norfolk will be running a campaign to orchestrate some change for charities and village halls who have been particularly impacted by the energy price crisis. 

  • Creating an open letter to send to MPs and councillors.  
  • Running a social media campaign that you can get involved with.  
  • Making a direct appeal to Julia Lopez, who is the Minister for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport as charities and village halls fall under the care of this minister. 
  • Sharing our campaign with the Charity Commission and other national charity infrastructure organisations to ensure your challenges and concerns are heard. 
  • We will be requesting support from local and national charities where related. 
  • We also will be gathering case studies to demonstrate the actuality of the issue and sharing these real-time examples of charities and village halls in Norfolk.  
  • Asking for any information about your experiences with the energy price increase

What can you do? 

Write to your local MP

We will be publishing an open letter that you can read, share, and use as a template to send to your local MP.  We want this to reach everybody that it can.  You can find out who your local MP is and how to contact them using this website.  

Talk about your involvement on social media

We will be compiling some resources you can share all over social media to show your support for this campaign, as it is your input and voice that will be the driving force of this campaign.  

Join in the conversation on social media and strike a pose in solidarity outside your charity premises or with our printable support sheets (watch this space!). 

Tell us your story as a case study

You can also get involved by emailing us and sharing any experiences you have had as a charity, or village hall with the energy price rise.  We want to hear from you!

Any feedback on the following questions would be appreciated. 

  • How much has your energy bill increased by? 
  • How much will you / have you put the hire up by on your charity premises or village hall? (or if you use a charity venue, how much have they increased their costs to you?)
  • Which groups who use the charity premises / village hall would be affected by this price rise? (Or if you use a charity venue, what services that you offer are being affected?)
  • Anything other information you can provide about the energy price rise that you think might be useful? 


Case Studies from Norfolk charities and charity premises