Meet Tasha, Funding and Projects Manager

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A chance for you to meet our Team, and put faces to names.

Meet Tasha,

Tasha is our Funding and Projects Manager.  Her recent work includes:

  • Facilitating West Norfolk VCSE Hub sessions, which provide opportunties for those working in West Norfolk to connect with and inform each other on topics from 'What VCSE support is available for families in West Norfolk?' to 'Creating and Supporting Compassionate Communities: How VCSE’s can support people through illness and loss in West Norfolk.'. 
  • Facilitating a free training programme for West Norfolk VCSE's on aspects as trusteeship, social media and resillience.
  • Gathering insights and information about issues and opportunities facing the VCSE sector to inform partners and colleagues.
  • Identifying and applying for funding, as well as overseeing existing projects.


Fun Facts:

  • Loves travelling, being outdoors particularly around water, exploring new places and cuisines and taking on new challenges both close to home and abroad from being a scare actor at Primeval to qualifying as an open water scuba diver.
  • Passionate about reducing her environmental impact and trying new eco products from a milkman bringing reusable glass bottles to shampoo bars and toothpaste tablets.
  • Getting married and having Alfie the Cocker Spaniel in our lives has definitely led to a year of expereinces and new words such as ‘Zoomies’ (a sudden release of energy in dogs).