Loneliness Awareness Week 2024

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Loneliness Awareness Week 2024

Loneliness Awareness Week is running from the 10th to the 16th of June. Originally initiated by The Marmalade Trust in 2016, Loneliness Awareness Week was created to spotlight loneliness across the UK. This year’s theme is “random acts of connection” and aims to encourage everyone to increase those simple, everyday moments of connection which help us feel happier and less lonely.

Understanding Loneliness:

Loneliness emerges when there's a difference between the relationships we have and the ones we want, making us feel like something is absent in our social connections. Psychologists classify loneliness into four types: emotional, social, situational, and chronic. Each type shows different signs and effects, influencing how each person experiences loneliness.

Loneliness campaign - ways to get involved

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has recently launched the next phase of the Better Health - Every Mind Matters campaign. Targeted at 16 - 24 year olds, one of the most at risk audience groups, the campaign aims to reduce the stigma of loneliness, increase knowledge of where to find support and encourage taking action.

There are plenty of ways to support the campaign, including sharing new assets across your social media channels, newsletters and to groups especially likely to be affected by loneliness.

Local Support in Norfolk:

For those in Norfolk seeking additional support for loneliness, here are some organisations that may be able to help:

Visit their websites for more information and to access support services.