Collaborative Impact: Building a Stronger and Fairer Norfolk.

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At Community Action Norfolk, our commitment to building a stronger and fairer Norfolk is deeply rooted in collaboration. We take pride in our role as a leading force in the voluntary and community sector, where our joint efforts have left a lasting impact on those that we serve. 

Building Positive Relationships 

Our approach involves fostering positive relationships with approximately 500 organisations annually and maintaining connections with volunteers and community champions. Through these connections, we have created a dynamic network that shares a common goal: to enhance the well-being of Norfolk's communities. 

Supporting the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector 

We pride ourselves on being a linchpin for the VCSE sector. We provide practical support to organisations, acting as their first port of call for a range of needs - from navigating funding opportunities and effective organisational management to facilitating community engagement and strategic planning.  

Our training has helped participants gain tangible skills that directly contribute to the success of their initiatives and our role as a central resource has strengthened the resilience and effectiveness of the sector.  

CAN’s work is not just about individual organisations; it is about collaborative development. We work closely with VCSE organisations and strategic partners to co-create impactful strategies, policies and services. This collaborative approach ensures that our efforts are aligned with the diverse needs and aspirations of the communities we serve. 

Living in a large rural county presents unique challenges, especially for the most vulnerable in our communities. However, through collaboration with our partners, we are actively working to find innovative and inclusive solutions. Our goal is to ensure fair outcomes for everyone, regardless of their location or personal circumstances. 

Looking Forward 

We care deeply about the communities that we serve and have developed a strategy that will evolve in line with the ever-changing needs of the VCSE sector. Our vision remains clear: to create a resilient and empowered community where everyone can thrive, but we cannot do this without your help. 

So, what can you do to help? 

  1. Share your personal experiences of community impact. Your stories can inspire others to get involved and showcase the positive changes happening in Norfolk.  
  2. Highlight your successes and collaborative efforts on our social media channels. 
  3. Keep us informed. Your insights and feedback help us refine our strategies and address evolving community needs more effectively. 
  4. Attend our events, workshops and training sessions. These opportunities not only enhance your skills but also foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the community. 

Get involved; help campaign for a fairer deal for Norfolk’s rural communities here

Can we help you? 

Our team of experienced Community Development Officers provide practical help and support when you need it most. Call 01362 698216 or email us here