Anglian Water - Loving every drop

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CAN has long been very active in promoting Anglian Water’s ‘Keep It Clear’ initiative, aimed at encouraging the public to dispose of waste water and materiel in the correct and safest way. Busy appearing at fetes, festivals and fun days all across Norfolk, we invited people to think about how we are all responsible for keeping our sewage systems clear and efficient. 

Over this past Summer we have also been supporting Anglian Water’s ‘Love Every Drop’ campaign, raising awareness of the importance of a commodity that none of us can afford to take for granted any longer. Anglian Water supplies clean water to around 4.3 million people in households and businesses across East Anglia – and CAN is helping get the message across about the need to use less of it.  

But why is CAN busy promoting the responsible use of water? Well, we’re about community, and our ethos is about working to achieve the best outcomes for the people who live and work in communities across Norfolk. We all, without exception, use and depend on the easy availability of water. And we need to use less of it. 

‘Love Every Drop’  

The demand for water is becoming greater. As the number of households increases, and as winters become drier and summers hotter, it’s ever more important to ‘Love Every Drop’ and save water where we can.   

We can’t make it rain more, but we can all do everything possible to save water for ourselves, our neighbours and our local environment. If everyone makes small changes at home or work, together we can all make a real difference. Anglian Water domestic consumers – that’s all of us - use an average of 136 litres of water a day. We all need to use less. Some of this is wasted through things like inefficient appliances, dripping taps, leaky loos, and excessive uses of water.    

Anglian Water’s important message is that we are all in this together. To help keep the taps flowing and protecting the environment we need everyone to use at least 8 litres less of water a day by 2025.  That’s easily achievable!  

Top Tips  

In the bathroom

  • Turn the tap off between rinses when brushing your teeth and save 60 litres per day per household 
  • Use a water displacement device in your toilet cistern and save 1 to 2 litres with every flush 
  • Shower for 60 seconds less each day and save 15 litres per minute. 


In the garden 

  • Use a watering can instead of a hosepipe and save a whopping 225 litres of water in 15 minutes 
  • Collect rainwater in a water butt to and keep your plants blooming all summer 


In the kitchen 

  • Fix a washer to that leaky tap and save up to 3 litres a day 
  • Wash 1 full load in your washing machine instead of 2 half loads, and save 10 litres of precious water 
  • A running tap uses 15 litres every minute - try washing your fruit and vegetables in a bowl of fresh water 
  • Fill up your dishwasher before putting it on. Dishwashers use around 15 litres of water with every wash. 


Along with the top tips, Anglian Water is offering FREE water-saving and monitoring devices. Find out more here.