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Thorough discussion and thinking through

To be able to push for things for discussion to be thoroughly thought through. 

Funding by the community group to progress with obtaining land

Need for funding by the community group to be able to progress re item 1. [NB Item is listed as a separate issue - to progress with obtaining land upon which there was an item of heritage for the parish]

Rural isolation

Rural isolation - need to get younger and older members of the community together. 

Constantly changing local authorities

Constantly changing local authorities - always building relationships/understanding/awareness with officers. 

Local housing

The need for local housing for local people 

Need for a hub in every community

Need for a hub in every community where help, advice and companionship can be possible. 

Transport costly

Transport - costly for local people to travel to work/speak to services face to face. 

Rural isolation and partnership working

Work to address rural isolation but also rurally isolated when comes to partnership working. Orgs want to work county or district level - we work locally - 10 mile radius. 

Demand in Great Yarmouth

Demand is great in Great Yarmouth, need more help to get in there. 

Rural customer numbers

Rural customer numbers can be problematic in getting funding. Just because there are only 15 beneficiaries it doesn't mean they don't have same needs! 


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