Winning The Rural Vote: The Imperative for Fair Funding.

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In January the launch of the Winning the Rural Vote campaign in parliament marked a significant step forward in the push for equitable resource distribution to rural areas. As a general election approaches, the campaign is underlining the critical necessity of fair funding as a fundamental element for the flourishing and sustainable growth of rural communities.

The Rural Services Network are highlighting funding disparities between urban and rural regions, particularly through the Local Government Finance Settlement. This campaign seeks to address and correct the longstanding unequal resource allocation that has historically placed rural areas at a disadvantage.

Advocating for policy changes, the Fair Funding chapter demands acknowledgment of the extra costs tied to providing services in rural areas and outlines a strategic plan for attaining fair funding. It serves as a rallying cry for governmental action to eliminate these inequities and bolster rural communities.

You can find out more about the campaign here.

Each week, the Winning the Rural Vote Campaign zeroes in on a different critical policy area, and this week (11.03.24), they delve into the pressing issue of Rural Affordable Housing. Further comments and issues are highlighted here.