Covid Guidance for Norwich

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Community Action Norfolk have been asked to share this from Norwich City Council, please contact them directly with any queries. 

Covid in Norwich: Key Information

Dear All,

As leaders and members of the city’s resident, community, faith and voluntary groups we’re very aware of the trusted place you hold for Norwich residents and we’d like you ask for your help in ensuring that, as cases here increase, people have access to the right information and support to keep them safe.

As of this morning we are a little over 91 positive cases per 100,000 people and the number is rising.  However Great Yarmouth were in this position a couple of weeks ago and by everyone there coming together and sharing the right message, they are one of the very few places in the East of England with decreasing numbers which is what we all want for Norwich as well. It takes us all and the virus spreads fast so we must act together and now.

I’ve attached a poster you might want to print and use in your own buildings if you are open to the public, and if you need them translated in other languages or you would like some printing and posting to you please let us know.

Our offer to you is to be a place you can come to in order to ask questions – if you’re concerned about misinformation and want to clarify things, if you want to know how to get someone help, if you want to understand how your organisation fits in the landscape – please ask us.

Don’t forget to use LUMi (www.lumi.org.uk) both to promote any activities of your own but also to find community support for those who ask for your help.  Now is a time where sharing that information to help each other is more vital than ever.  If you have any questions about how to use it, please just ask – [email protected]

Do check our varied social media if that’s your thing and please help us reach more people.  Search LUMi and Norwich City Council on Facebook.  If you Tweet there is @NorwichCC & @LUMiNorwich. Use the hashtag #ProtectNorwich so we can find and retweet you too and the great work you’re doing in your communities.

These are the key things you need to know – these are in no way confidential, share them as much and as widely as you please. These will change if our cases rise enough to put us into Tier 2 restrictions and we will update you if that happens.

  • The government has currently placed Norwich in Tier 1 (medium) of the national three tier system, but cases are rising daily
  • We all need to play our part in helping bring down the levels of Covid-19 and avoiding further restrictions in Norwich by following the guidance (washing hands, hand sanitising, social distancing, following the rule of six, wearing a face covering where needed). Whatever you can do to advice people to do these simple actions, please do.
  • You and your household must isolate straight away if you have symptoms or tested positive for Covid-19. If you have anyone who will be affected financially by this if they cannot work, there is a new £500 Test and Trace payment to support them which you can help them find or support them to complete – https://www.norwich.gov.uk/info/20399/coronavirus_covid-19_latest_information_and_advice/3627/test_and_trace_support_payment  
  • If you or anyone you work alongside have been identified as having been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive, you must isolate straight away to protect others from the virus spreading and get a test as soon as possible. If the NHS has informed you that you are a contact of a positive case, you can access the above £500 support payment as well.
  • If you know of anyone who is suffering financial hardship as a result of covid-19, or any reason, please let them know about the Norfolk Assistance Scheme (NAS) where they can speak to someone about accessing cash (not repayable), food deliveries, furniture and domestic appliances and help with rent arrears and bills. They are brilliant - https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/care-support-and-health/support-for-living-independently/money-and-benefits/norfolk-assistance-scheme
  • If you know of anyone needing help with shopping or picking up their medicines where there isn’t an amazing local group like your own and there isn’t one in the area on LUMi, local councils and Voluntary Norfolk have a safety net. Get them to call 0344 800 8020 to be connected to additional support.
  • You, they, the city, us…we’ve been doing great so far, but together we can do even better and protect our families, friends and neighbours.
  • The message is protect ourselves, protect others, protect Norwich

Thank you.  For all you’ve all done during the pandemic, before it and after it.  Norwich has fared better than most and that’s due to our strong communities, thoughtful and caring residents and our culture of working together. Long may that continue.