Contacting Elected Representatives

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Your elected representatives should take an interest in what is going on in your community and the issues you are facing.  

Making elected representatives aware of your activities and the issues you and your beneficiaries face, is an important part of your overall approach to communications.  

We know that many in our communities are under pressure. Ensuring the most vulnerable are supported and our communities remain vibrant places to live and work, significantly impacts the political decisions taken at a local and national level. Political engagement is therefore a key part of responding to social issues.  

Any charity can become involved in campaigning and in political activity which furthers or support its charitable purposes, unless its governing document prohibits it. More advice is available from the charity commission here.

Find details of your elected representatives

You can get an overview of politicians (except Parish Councillors) who represent you by entering your postcode at writetothem.com

MPs’  - They work For You 

County Councillors - Norfolk County Council 

District Councillors