Yaxham Cares - Norfolk VCSE Covid Stories

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Yaxham Cares launched on the 20th March by distributing leaflets to every household offering assistance and asking for volunteers. A joint initiative of the village hall and parish council, they recruited 74 volunteers from a community of 330 households. Over the crisis period they would successfully respond to 37 requests for help.  Many of these focused on shopping and prescriptions. However, the group responded flexibly to needs as they arose. For one lady, with mild dementia, who ‘got in a pickle’ having been the victim of a computer scam, a volunteer helped her by phone.  For another who felt especially isolated as her daughter was a key worker it meant three wellbeing calls a week from three different volunteers to reassure her. To reduce risk and manage workload the group endeavoured to make use of some of their new younger volunteers. This resulted in one or two of the elderly ladies reporting they thoroughly enjoyed meeting the young men who delivered their shopping!  

This is part of a series of short examples of the huge contribution made by local VCSE organisations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. To understand more about the pivotal role played by Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise organisations in Norfolk’s Covid-19 response effort please read our Norfolk VCSE Covid-19 Story page.