Platinum Jubilee Vilage Halls Fund: a story of success part 2.

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This is the second in a series of articles about funding, read our other stories here.

Hickling Barn were looking to improve the aesthetics of the barn and become more sustainable by installing fenestration frames, battery storage to reduce energy costs and an extraction system to increase the overall comfort for users of the facility. 


The grant would form part of a wider project and success was clearly going to make a major difference to the charity and local community. 

This is where our Community Development Officer, Tonya stepped in. She was able to offer advice and guidance around what they would need to take their bids forward and helped them gather evidence in support of their application. 

The process required them to meet specific criteria set by Defra and Tonya’s expertise enabled them to streamline their responses and determine how the funding would improve health and wellbeing and reduce loneliness in the local community. They also had to demonstrate the environmental benefits and evidence how the funding would support the rural economy whilst enhancing community cohesion. 

Tonya then wrote a supporting summary about our knowledge of the Hall’s committee to accompany their application. 

As the Platinum Jubilee funding only covered a maximum of 20% of the eligible costs associated with the project, Tonya advised on other grants that were available to cover the overall cost. 

The application was successful, and the feedback received from the organisation highlighted how they valued our help. 

Nick from Hickling Barn wrote: 

“We saw the invitation very late for the Platinum Jubilee Village Halls Improvement Fund, so we were always up against the clock for a successful application. In addition, although we had applied for grants elsewhere historically and had able trustees to help the process, the Support CAN and in particular Tonya was able to give was simply invaluable. 

 It was clear from the start of the process that there were some areas we just didn’t understand but Tonya was really good at helping us tick all the boxes required for a successful application. By going to CAN for help, it meant that we were also able to tap into ACRE’s national knowledge base about what the funders required. 

 In addition, her knowledge of where we could go elsewhere for funding was excellent. It enabled us to access funding more flexibly which with grants in short supply, we have needed in order to bridge the gap between our own funds, grants and what was available via loans. 

CAN’s approach was very clear, taking us through the process; understanding what works were and weren’t eligible, ensuring we said the right things and that we didn’t miss any deadlines. For volunteer trustees, all critical to success! "

You can read more about the fund and another successful application here

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