Anglian Water Pollution Watch

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Community Action Norfolk are sharing this on behalf of Anglian Water, please contact them directly with any queries.

We are re-launching our Pollution Watch campaign with a call out to all to help us in protecting and preserving the environment across our region.  The aim of the campaign is to enable us to act fast should the worst happen, or better still prevent the effect of a pollution in the first place.  If you could also share the following information below.

We’d like everyone to be our eyes (and nose) and let us know if they see something that isn’t right. We need to act fast!   

How to spot a pollution? 

  • Sewage – including toilet paper, sanitary items, wipes, cotton buds in water  
  • Waste water in places where it shouldn’t be or unusual water flow out of manhole covers  
  • Water that is milky or discoloured or oily looking  
  • Water that contains soap suds   

The aim of the Pollution Watch campaign is to create awareness and encourage everyone to notify us of sewage pollution, so that we can attend quickly and reduce any environmental impact.

We are asking anyone who spots this kind of pollution to take  these three simple steps

  • Act Fast
  • Provide key details - time, location and conditions in the surrounding area
  • Take photos (where possible)

They can let us know by calling us at any time on 0345 714 5145, messaging us on our social media channels or reporting it to us online at anglianwater.co.uk/tell-us

We need to ensure that our activity does not contribute to environmental pollution. We have multiple programmes of work to prevent spills, ongoing maintenance to regularly check and repair pumps and pipes and our Keep It Clear programme, which encourages people not to flush items or pour food, fats, oils and grease down sinks. This kind of waste blocks pipes and our systems and 80 per cent of pollution incidents are caused by these avoidable blockages. Pollution Watch is an additional way of monitoring our region and it’s just one activity in our Pollutions Incident Reduction Plan that outlines our commitments to reducing pollutions.   ​​​​​​​