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Funding: Foundation Giving Trends 2017 Report of top grant awarding foundations

The Foundation Giving Trends 2017 report evidences that the top 300 grant making foundations have awarded a record amount of grants this year. 

Norfolk Community Foundation’s interim Vital Signs: Healthy and Strong Communities report

Norfolk Community Foundation have launched their first interim Vital Signs: Healthy and Strong Communities report which identifies the emerging needs and challenges faced by people living and working in Norfolk. 

Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing All-Party Parliamentary Report

The All Party Parliamentary Group carried out research into arts in health and social care in order to make recommendations for policy and practice.

Sustainability and Transformation Plan Ideas

IPPR have published a report outlining some of the most promising solutions that have been identified by Sustainability and  Transformation Plans (STPs). 

Presentations from the VCSE Conference: Social Justice – Are you ready for the challenge?

The presentations from the third annual voluntary sector conference, “Social Justice: Are you ready for the challenge?” have been uploaded to our website. 

South Norfolk CCG Stakeholder Engagement Panel Presentations

The presentations from the South Norfolk CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) Stakeholder Engagement Panel meeting of Weds 28th June are available 

Report on VCSE Organisations and Children and Mental Health Services

Youth Access have released a report about VCSE organisations experiences of the CAMHS (Children and Mental Health Services) Transformation Programme.

Presentations from the West Norfolk Voluntary Sector Conference - 28th November 2016

The presentations from Speakers at the West Norfolk Voluntary Sector Conference on 28th November 2016.

Police and Crime Plan 2016-2020

The Police and Crime Commissioner has submitted the draft Police and Crime Plan 2016-2020 to the Norfolk Police and Crime Panel. 

Norfolk Community Foundation's Vital Signs Report

Norfolk Community Foundation has published the 2016 Vital Signs Report which provides a picture of life in Norfolk.


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