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Care and Wellbeing Fund for social enterprises - No deadlines

The Care and Wellbeing fund invests in social enterprises providing community based integrated health and social care services, wellbeing and prevention work. 

New Service for those Caring for Someone with a Terminal Illness (Central and Norwich)

The Marie Curie Helper Service matches volunteers to families or individuals to provide those who are terminally ill or their carers, with support.  

Absence Management Policies and Disabled Employees

Many organisations have absence management policies, the law states that provisions, criterions or practices, must be reasonably adjusted to ensure disabled workers are not disadvantaged compared to non-disabled workers.

The Friends of the Elderly - Support for older people

The Friends of the Elderly provide financial support to those most in need through their grant giving service, in order to help prevent many older people having to choice between heating their homes and other essentials. 

NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans

NHS England requires that local NHS produce two separate but connected plans:

  • A five year Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), which drives the Five Year Forward View and is place-based
  • A one year Operational Plan for 2016/17, which is organisation-based but consistent with the above mentioned emerging STP

CAN is currently working to ensure that these plans will incorporate effective engagement with the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector and will circulate more information, when it becomes available.

You can read more about current progress, as well as see the 'checkpoint' document which gives an indication of early thinking, on the Healthwatch Norfolk website here

To contact your local Clinical Commissioning Group please click here

Dementia Friendly Pub Lunches (Countywide)

Dementia Friendly Pub Lunches have been a success in West Norfolk, the first one has launched outside of West Norfolk in the Robert Kett, Wymondham.  Contact is welcome by pubs and venues who are interested in holding similar events.  

The Norfolk County Council Contract Register

Norfolk County Council have published their contract register, which lists the council’s contracts, purchase orders and grants (including grants to the voluntary sector).

Re-imagining Norfolk - Community Action Norfolk's consultation response

Community Action Norfolk's consultation response to the Norfolk County Council Re-imagining Norfolk consultation process


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