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Volunteer recruitment

Volunteers needed for all ops need funded support/recruitment to get volunteers. 

Lack of funding and volunteers

Lack of funding and lack of volunteers to pick up work. 

Duplication of 'event days'

Duplication of 'event days' 

Rural isolation

Rural isolation - need to get younger and older members of the community together. 

Need for a hub in every community

Need for a hub in every community where help, advice and companionship can be possible. 

Rural isolation and partnership working

Work to address rural isolation but also rurally isolated when comes to partnership working. Orgs want to work county or district level - we work locally - 10 mile radius. 

Isolated young single adults

Isolated young single adults

Younger low income families

Younger low income families. Rural poverty - cost of travel - travel to shops. 

Older people rural isolation

Older people rural isolation

Lack of activities for teenagers

Activities for teenagers (lack of) 


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