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Core cost funding

Core cost funding - to fund individual organisation's infrastructure

Using the market towns initiative

Using the market towns initiative

Funding for specific projects

Funding for specific projects ie transport / building extensions

Fluctuating income that should be reliable

Fluctuating income that should be reliable ie: benefit sanctions & the impact on rental/HB income

Consistent funding

Consistent funding to do longer term work needed. 

Lack of funding for capacity building

Lack of funding opportunities for capacity building, to develop services. 

Access to funding

Access to funding

Fuel poverty

Fuel poverty. People on low incomes can't afford to keep warm. 

Cost of living - young adults

Cost of living difficulties - young adults

Wymondham Community Bookshop

Fearing the loss of the existing bookshop, which was run as a private business but was closing down, a group of local people wanted to take it over and run it as a social enterprise. The group got in contact with Community Action Norfolk and we reviewed the group’s business plan and funding options, providing advice and additional options for support. The group also valued our advice in setting up an appropriate legal structure for their new social enterprise.


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