Support for organisations and communities

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Support for Networks

Community Action Norfolk offers a range of support services for your forum or network, including administrative support, planning and communications.

Project Development

Project development is a critical step in turning your ideas into reality. Community Action Norfolk can you help succeed in your goals and avoid some of the pitfalls along the way.


Good governance is vital.  It comes from having a structure that lets you make effective decisions, in an organised and accountable way and positively influences how you are perceived by others.


Funding is the key issue highlighted by groups.  Community Action Norfolk offers a range of support to help you access the funding you need.

Consultation and Engagement

Effective consultation and engagement can help make sure your organisation, project or plan will meet the needs of those you are aiming to help. Community Action Norfolk offers bespoke consultation support and advice.

Preserving Place

Understanding local history and heritage is, and always has been, important to communities. The aim of Preserving Place is to investigate how community groups undertake heritage research – and help them do just that.

Marlingford Village Hall

Marlingford Village Hall approached Community Action Norfolk for support with accessing funding and developing their extension and refurbishment project.  Community Action Norfolk always operates a holistic approach to queries and identified some governance concerns that would be identified by potential funders. 

Wymondham Community Bookshop

Fearing the loss of the existing bookshop, which was run as a private business but was closing down, a group of local people wanted to take it over and run it as a social enterprise. The group got in contact with Community Action Norfolk and we reviewed the group’s business plan and funding options, providing advice and additional options for support. The group also valued our advice in setting up an appropriate legal structure for their new social enterprise.


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