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Funding - and how to access it

Finding and accessing funding is a challenge we all face, and it is becoming more challenging in the present constrained financial climate.  Successful applications do not happen by accident and there are some useful steps you can follow.

Communications and information

One of the things that is most important to the VCSE sector is getting the right information. To support this we provide a communications hub, collecting information from a variety of sources and distributing it in different forms and where possible targeted to specific interests.

Mental health and social isolation

Mental illness affects people in all ages and stages of life, across society, impacting upon family life, friends and relationships, education, finding work, working, caring for others, leisure pursuits and retirement, as well as the physical characteristic of the disorder.

New Year resolutions!

2016 could be the year to be a volunteer, to get involved, to find an organisation that could benefit from your skills, knowledge and experience.

Young people in Norfolk

Norfolk young people revealed which issues matter to them in Make Your Mark ballot.

Older people in the community

With advances in medical technology and rapid social developments over the last century, many of us can now look forward to living well into our 80s. Older people are one of the most active groups in communities, but some feel excluded from what’s going on.

Transport in the community

Community transport plays an important part in tackling social isolation, maintaining well-being and enabling people to access health services. 

The story so far - what Community Action Norfolk has achieved

Community Action Norfolk was born on the 1st April 2015. Since then we’ve worked on more than 200 cases of providing practical support to local organisations.

Carers Agency Partnership Short Break Service (Countywide)

The Short Breaks service provide a personalised, flexible break from caring.

Fuel Poverty and Thinking Fuel

Fuel Poverty, keeping warm and well, and Thinking Fuel.  A household is in fuel poverty if it is on a low income and faces high costs of keeping adequately warm and paying for basic energy services.


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