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Resources: Helping you get on-line

Getting digitally connected means more than getting the infrastructure right. You need the equipment to access it and the knowledge to make use of it. 

Sustainability and Transformation Plan Ideas

IPPR have published a report outlining some of the most promising solutions that have been identified by Sustainability and  Transformation Plans (STPs). 

Presentations from the VCSE Conference: Social Justice – Are you ready for the challenge?

The presentations from the third annual voluntary sector conference, “Social Justice: Are you ready for the challenge?” have been uploaded to our website. 

South Norfolk CCG Stakeholder Engagement Panel Presentations

The presentations from the South Norfolk CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) Stakeholder Engagement Panel meeting of Weds 28th June are available 

Resources: Accounting Templates for Charitable Companies

The Charity Commission, in partnership with Companies House, has produced accounts templates for charitable companies with an income of under £500,000. 

Changes to Do-it - The national volunteering database

The Do-it Trust has formed a partnership with Vivo to launch a new company, Vivo Life, to run the DO-it website

Fuelling Connections (Norwich) - A resource for people in Norwich

Norwich City Council’s Fuel Poverty and Energy team are promoting “Fuelling connections”, a Facebook group for people in Norwich to share how they save money in their homes and get the most from local services. 

A Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector

Governance is high on the agenda. Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations driven by altruistic values and working for public benefit are increasingly expected to demonstrate how well they are governed.

Norfolk – united against adult abuse

2,709 safeguarding adult concerns were raised between April 2015 and March 2016 in Norfolk. Often the abuse is carried out by someone known to the person who is being harmed. 


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