Who wants to save £254 on their energy bills?

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There are three important news items about Big Switch and Save that we’d like to convey to West Norfolk residents, and we’d be grateful for the help of VCSE groups and organisations working in the area to help spread the word.

1:  Big Switch and Save is changing its name to Norfolk Energy Switch! 

It’s the same scheme that’s been running successfully since 2012, but now is the time to emphasise that it’s very much about local people and community efforts in tackling fuel poverty and rising energy prices.

2:  The average consumer annual saving is £254 a year!

3:  How Norfolk Energy Switch works

It’s like an auction in reverse. Instead of the consumer having to look for the best price, Norfolk Energy Switch collects together everybody who has registered on the scheme. The energy companies are then invited to compete between themselves to make the best possible tariff offers to those who’ve registered.

There are three energy saving auctions each year, and here’s why it makes sense to join in:

  • Together we are stronger. The combined purchasing power of thousands of households helps get residents a more competitive offer.
  • Registration is easy, free and without obligation. Residents receive a personal offer which you they decide to accept or decline.
  • The process encourages places high demands on suppliers to offer their services at competitive prices
  • Norfolk Energy Switch uses 100% renewable electricity tariffs – it’s an easy first step for people to start their carbon reduction journey.
  • It saves having to trawl through online comparison sites or making long phone calls to providers’ call centres. Norfolk Energy Switch aims to provide all the necessary information to help people make an informed decision
  • It’s a safe environment in which to make an informed choice

Why do people not switch energy suppliers?

Why do people not do something that they know deep down might be the right thing for them? There are clear reasons for people’s hesitancy in switching energy supplier:

  • They feel anxious about change – an understandable human reaction
  • Brand loyalty makes people complacent
  • People are wary of the process and whether it will go smoothly
  • Lack of time or tenacity to compare their options, allied with apprehension about the complexity of changing
  • Lack of trust in suppliers

What happy ‘switchers’ say 

“Very easy to switch with this scheme. Would highly recommend it.”

“Thank you very much for this service. It has been a great help to our family’s finances.”

“It was much easier and simpler than I expected. I highly recommend it.”

"This scheme gave me the confidence to switch to a much more beneficial energy rate.”

“Super service. The transition was very smooth and fast. No hassle to swap. I’m very happy.”

So here’s what to do

Go to Norfolk Energy Switch and click on King's Lynn and West Norfolk to register your details.  The next auction is on 19th February 2021, after which you receive your personalised offer, which you can think about, then accept or reject. There’s no obligation.

Live in an off-gas area and looking to reduce your heating oil bills?

It’s the same principle with CAN’s well-established ThinkingFuel collective heating oil buying scheme – also trustworthy, reliable and proven over time. We provide low prices per litre on heating oil right through the year. For more information visit www.thinkingfuel.org.uk