West Norfolk VCSE Hub meeting 8th December

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The next West Norfolk VCSE Hub Meeting takes place on Tuesday 8th December 2020 between 10:30 and 12:00 on the platform Microsoft Teams.  The focus for the meeting is as follows:  

  • Open Discussion on the West Norfolk VCSE Hub's format and purpose - how should the Hub develop?  
  • VCSE Interaction in West Norfolk ​- are there good examples of forums, networks and platforms that are good examples, or models, in enabling representation or dialogue between VCSE organisations?​ 
  • How does your organisation want to be engaged with and represented within strategic discussions?​ - what would work for you in terms of engaging with and/or being part of countywide discussions in relation to commissioning, funding or other aspects?  


During the meeting we will be gathering attendees’ thoughts on the following proposed Shared Ambitions in relation to the VCSE Assembly.  

  • Equal partnership: Support for the development of a culture, behaviours and processes that are consistent with whole system working, and that recognise the VCSE sector as an equal partner within our health and social care system. ​ 
  • Sustainable resources model: A model that ensures VCSE services that support the system’s effectiveness are resourced in a sustainable, effective and efficient way. A commitment that delivery models understand the externalities they create and recognise the resource transfers necessary to compensate  ​ 
  • Digital integration: An approach to digital integration that is inclusive of VCSE organisations and enables the best use of digital tools, with a focus on enabling integrated working.  ​ 
  • Data sharing: Share operational and intelligence data appropriately and effectively. The creation of the governance and technical capability to achieve this.  ​ 
  • Consistent evidence and evaluation: The identification of a consistent set of evaluation and evidence tools, and used across organisations consistently to provide reduced reporting demands, support comparable results and enable stronger evidence led delivery.  


If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to share your comments or observations on any of the above, please contact [email protected] 

Why the Hub was started  

The West Norfolk VCSE Hub provides an excellent mechanism for sharing best practice and opportunities for joined-up thinking.  It was established to support discussions about key issues for the voluntary sector and public services in West Norfolk, the aim being to help other sectors work with VCSE organisations to ensure that the people of West Norfolk get the best support and services possible.   

Meetings of the West Norfolk VCSE Hub are facilitated by Community Action Norfolk.    

How the West Norfolk VCSE Hub works  

Meetings are held eight times a year, approximately every six weeks.  At present, due to COVID-19 constraints, these take place online.  The focus of each meeting alternates between strategic and operational / practice-based issues with general information, updates and advice sent to the group between meetings.  This means that participants can choose to join as many meetings as they wish, with an outline agenda sent out before the meeting to highlight the main topics for discussion.   

The group facilitates:  

  • Understanding and discussion of key issues for VCSE organisations and the sector as a whole - for example, aspects for CAN to take forward and represent, or to highlight issues being faced  
  • Sharing of information and issues to support better partnership working with non-VCSE partners 
  • Exploring of opportunities to work together 
  • Sharing of good practice and learning, problem solving and peer support  
  • Participant updates or discussions about new services