Washing your hands of Coronavirus scams!

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Whether working for a voluntary organisation or as individuals, we need to be vigilant against Coronavirus-related scams that are being perpetrated across the UK.  

It’s important to be aware of people offering or selling, by ‘phone or at the doorstep:

  • Virus testing kits
  • Vaccines or miracles cures
  • Over-priced medical or health products
  • Shopping or medical errands
  • Home decontamination services

    If you are a member of an existing Good Neighbour Scheme or a new community support group, you may wish to advise vulnerable people you visit to:

  • not be rushed into make a purchase decision
  • think carefully before giving money or personal information
  • ask for identification if someone claims to be from a charity
  • if in doubt, check with friends or family.

    If you would like to learn more about the latest coronavirus-related scams and how to prevent yourself and others falling for them, please visit Friends Against Scams.

    You can download a very useful postcard here which can be printed for distribution among your friends, family and neighbours. You could also share it via your social media channels.

    If you have started, or are thinking of starting, a new community group to help vulnerable residents during the Coronavirus crisis, there are a range of identity and legal checks that ought to be considered. CAN already runs well-established Good Neighbour Schemes and we can help with good advice, support and protection under our existing administrative structures. Email [email protected] for more information.